Gillie Da Kid & Lil Wayne Got Beef?

Gillie Beef With Lil Wayne

After taking three calls about it, 
Gillie Da Kid could no longer ignore the rumors. He picked up Lil Wayne’s new mixtape Like Father Like Son and gave “Problem Solver” a spin.

“Gillie man I don’t think you niggas should really fuck with me … ” So it was true: Lil Wayne—Gillie’s longtime friend and labelmate—had dissed him. Gillie couldn’t figure out why.

After having his album shelved while the label argued over publishing, Gillie left the Cash Money family, but maintained a good friendship with Wayne, the label’s youngest artist. Wayne flew out to Philly to attend parties with Gillie, and appear on his mixtapes and DVDs, including the soon-to-be-
released Marijuana High.

“We was good!” Gillie says. “That’s why this shit was a shock.”

Gillie called Wayne twice. “He never got back, so I felt a little disrespected,” Gillie says. “To me he wasn’t a man. Why should I have love for somebody who don’t have no love for me?”


Now Gillie’s ready to let loose with the dirty secrets about how it really went down during his Cash Money years.

“I’m about to drop a bomb on your head, show the chinks in your armor, the holes in your story,” Gillie says of Wayne. “I’ma pull the covers up over your head, homie. It’s gonna be vicious. I’m ready to just ether you.”

This “bomb” comes in the form of a track on his DJ Drama-branded Gangsta Grillz mixtape, coming this month. Drama—Philly-raised but Atlanta-based—is the king of mixtapes, putting out CDs that are oftentimes more anticipated than artists’ actual albums. Gillie is the first Philly artist to get the Gangsta Grillz treatment, and he’s making the most of it.

“I say a lot of shit,” Gillie says, dropping a little preview:

“Goddamn Dwayne Carter/ You kissed Stunna in his mouth/ Fuck you, Birdman daughter/ You mention my name, you know Philly way hard/ You ain’t Birdman Junior, nigga you Gillie J-R.”

Gillie, 28, is Philly’s biggest underground rapper. The Gangsta Grillz release is sure to blow his street buzz bigger than it’s ever been.

Why do you think Lil Wayne put that diss out there?

“I don’t know. Truly, I think Stunna [Cash Money's multimillionaire co-founder Brian ‘Baby' Williams, aka the Birdman, aka No. 1 Stunna] put him up to it. I know the real Lil Wayne. I know there’s too many drugs, too many E pills, too much cocaine. You know Shorty got real problems because he don’t really have no money. I did two and a half years around Cash Money. They was fuckin’ Shorty in the ass—raw, with no rubber. He probably caught on—that’s when he tried to go with Jay-Z but he was still under contract—so they were like, ‘All right, we gonna make things better. We’ll give you a title—you the president—and we’ll shoot you a couple dollars.’ The whole treatment: She run her mouth, give her a couple dollars, send her to the mall to shut her up until she run her mouth again.”

Why did your album never come out on Cash Money?

“Because I wasn’t willing to sell them no publishing. But you deal with a lot of other selfish reasons. Any hot record I ever turned in, Stunna wanted to be on it. The bitch wants to be on it just in case you shoot a video for it. He’s a selfish bitch. He owes Mannie Fresh a shitload of money, and instead of being a man and paying him, he let him leave.”

You were on good terms there?

“Yeah. I had a good relationship with everybody. They wanted to buy 50 percent of my publishing, but they didn’t want to give me $2 million. They didn’t want to give me no million dollars. I gave them a number.”

What was the number?

“Two million.”

What was their offer?

“Three hundred thousand dollars. That shit don’t even sound right. So I was with them a little over two years—long enough to get my money situation all the way right by writing.”

Who did you ghostwrite for?

“Pretty much everybody. I never wrote nothing for Fresh though. Shout out to Mannie Fresh.”

What songs did you write for Lil Wayne’s The Carter?

“At the studio I helped out on pretty much every record. It came to the point where it wouldn’t even matter about the outside people that was around. It was, ‘Gillie, come here … ‘”

But specific songs you wrote?

“I’ll name the whole album. What you want me to do—rap verses and put my name in them?”

Has your putting everything out there gotten back to Wayne?

“It’s been back to Wayne. One of the reasons he dissed me is probably because he’s tired of people coming up to him like, ‘You sound like Gillie! You ain’t even writing your own shit?’ I’m pretty sure he heard it a thousand times. At least.”

Philly rappers go on about how other regions copy Philly’s 
style …

“Everybody. When I got around Cash Money, they was wearing FUBU jerseys. When I came through with a button-up polo shirt, they said, ‘What’s that? He look too preppy.’ Stunner got mad ’cause I wouldn’t wear his Birdman sneaks. I wouldn’t be caught dead in them things. I don’t wear Lugz. That whole run where you seen them with the throwback jerseys on—I took all that shit to Cash Money, the whole swagger, the whole image, the whole all of that. When I got around there, Stunner was talking about, ‘I. Love. These. Hos.’ Now you talking about, 
‘Ay, ay, I got that stay-fly money, ain’t no baseball player. I got that A-Rod money.’ He didn’t even know who A-Rod was. Before it was, ‘Wobbley wobbley wobble, drop it like it’s hot.’ Now it’s, ‘You’re fuckin’ with the bol!’ The bol? You from Philly? That’s not a New Orleans word.”

What did DJ Drama say when he heard the material?

“He called and said I’m about to take the streets over, so I guess he was happy. Probably he reacted the same way Philadelphia gon’ react, and everywhere else when they hear it: ‘Goddamn! He didn’t just do that to Wayne.’ What the fuck is Wayne gonna say back? Everything I’m saying is the truth.”

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