Young Buck Calls Truce With Lil Wayne, Squares Off Against Game

Young Buck Lil Wayne

Young Buck has been in L.A., not just working with Dr. Dre on his new album Buck the World, due March 20, but also studying under the tutelage of an acting coach. Buck plans to make a movie about his life soon, and he’s hoping that somewhere in the plotline will be a scene where he sells 500,000 copies in the first week.

He said that after three years on the bench, he’s coming back hard — especially in the South. “It’s the big payback sh– for me,” he said. “I appreciate the fans patiently waiting. That’s why I worked so hard on making this another classic album. … I got respect for them all — T.I.,Lil Wayne, all of them — but at this point, I’m hungry for real. Between me, Wayne and T.I., we got the most anticipated albums coming out of the South this year. I’m trying to bust both their asses, but in a friendly way. Cause them is my n—as.”

What? It’s no secret that Buck is tight with Tip and Young Jeezy, who he calls his “brothers,” but Weezy F? Just a few months ago, Buck was on the radio airwaves saying that he wanted to declare war on Weezy and his pa, Baby. He also clowned the two Cash Money Millionaires for kissing on the lips as a way of greeting each other.

“At the end of the day, I never said none of that sh– behind beef,” Buck clarified about his thoughts on Wayne and Baby’s kissing. “It was the truth. I said it, it wasn’t to create beef. I said it, but I had a chance to run into Wayne. I had a chance to see what was his take on the situation. He wasn’t paying it no attention. He explained to me the meaning for him and Baby’s greeting, whatever that was, it is what it is. I ain’t got no problem with nobody that ain’t got no problem with me. … We had a chance to speak about it, and it wasn’t really nothing.”

In fact, Buck said he’s not jumping into any beefs as of right now. “I’m out in these streets for real,” he said. “I’m affiliated with it, without having the illegal sh– with it. I can’t indulge myself in the so called beef situations because my sh– is so real out here. Two weeks ago, I got pulled over. There were Feds and everything! They said my license was suspended. They get me down [to the police station] and want to question me about homicides. … So at this point right now, I’m not f—ing with none of this rap beef. I’m trying to keep my head above water.”

Buck said that even pertains to Cam’ron’s recent feud with 50 Cent — at least for the time being. “The 50 and Cam sh–? That sh– is funny to me,” he laughed off. “I’m gonna be all the way honest. I think 50 can handle that from his own point of view. But like I said, sh– is so real for me in the streets. … At the end of the day, my boss, he’s about capitalizing off of negative energy. When anybody brings negative energy to him, he’s just a blessed child to turn it into a bank roll. F—ing with homeboy like that, you have to have your sh– all the way together. To each his own, ’cause at the end of the day, we are on top. 50 is on top.”

When he’s not dealing with his own projects or G-Unit agendas, Buck Marley is working on his new label. He explains that G-Unit South is actually just a movement, but the tangible outlet he plans to put music out on is Cashville Records. The first artist he signed is California’s C-Bo, and the Outlawz are in negations to join the fold as well. “My goal is to stay loyal to my crew [and] still get something for myself going,” the Tennessee native said.

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