Cassidy Addresses Claims Of Dissing 50, Lil Wayne, & TI


Gearing up for the release of his third LP, B.A.R.S. (The Barry Adrien Reese Story), Philadelphia rapper Cassidy has been hard at work as of late.

After taking time off due to a near fatal car accident, Cass has returned to the industry with a vengeance dropping numerous mixtapes and freestyles—some of which are speculated to be disses towards 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, and T.I.

In a recent interview with Real Talk NY, Cass took the opportunity to address the speculation. “Every time I do an interview, they always think that. Crazy part about it is, I never even mentioned anyone’s name—So for people to think that I was referring to certain people, it’s like the streets are telling them what I said is true. It’s gotta be true if the person listening automatically jumps to that conclusion” said Cass.

“I didn’t say any of it to start any trouble, but I’m in the streets everyday, and I know what people in the streets are saying. People have been saying, “oh that hustler dance, I’ve seen that some where, or that I get money, I’ve heard it before, or even split personality” So I just decided it to say it in songs cause it’s what they were saying to me.” He Continued.

“I’m not trying to cause any problems because I know I’m not going to benefit from it. I know the dudes that think I’m talking about them or even the ones that know I’m talking about them, I know they don’t want any real trouble either. The business and the people around it are not kids, so I know they don’t really want real beef, it’ll just be some industry stuff.

They can stay on that industry stuff and say what they say, the same way I can say what I wanna say. I said “I never kissed my dad, I don’t get my lil wayne on.”

I’m not trying to diss em, I’m just saying how I feel. I mean, he’s not even really his biological father—and even if he was, you still shouldn’t be kissing him in the mouth and I’ll never approve of that. There’s no way that you can word it to make me approve of that, so I’m going to let that be known. But if you do approve of it, then fuck it, you approve of it, and I don’t. He’s just saying, he does it and I don’t, I’m cool with that.

It’s not a diss is just saying you do something different than what I like to do” said Cass.

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