Gillie Da Kid Has Beef With Lil Wayne [Video]

Here is “Gillie Da Kid” a.K.a. 80 Karat Kid a.K.a. King of Philly. Here is Gillie Da Kid, who is definitely a real person, but Wayne is making money. Looking back at this dis, it didn’t seem to affect Wayne much, but built up some hype for Gillie. I like Gillie Da Kid and think he’s pretty cool. He has some dope songs that are largely unknown to the public that y’all should look into. Peep some of his mixtapes and shit!!

Memorable quotes include:

“You faker than a fuckin $3 dollar bill.”

“When did it become cool for Daniel Son to disrespect Mr. Miagi? Wax on wax off nigga.”

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One Response to “Gillie Da Kid Has Beef With Lil Wayne [Video]”

  1. Ashley says:

    all ya niggass in dis video is WACK. goodbyeee gille you dont even look likee you about it .. mad cus waynee is that nigga? lmao all ya is ugly anyways ; ya life is a joke !

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