Lawsuit Settled & Lil Wayne Drops Song From Tha Carter III

Lil Wayne

Multi-platinum selling rapper Lil’ Wayne has settled a copyright lawsuit filed against him last summer in which his song “Playing With Fire” was under scrutiny.

Weezy has agreed to drop one of the tracks from Tha Carter III as part of the agreement with Abcko Music Inc.

Lil Wayne’s “Playing With Fire” was a clear derivative of the Rolling Stones song with the original lyrics and music altered in a recognizable way, Abkco said in its lawsuit. The disputed recording was voluntarily removed from the album and taken down by all providers of digital downloads, ringtones and ringbacks, according to a release issued today. The announcement states “all parties expressed themselves satisfied with the amicable settlement.”

Abcko Music reportedly owns exclusive rights to the Rolling Stones track.

The lawsuit accuses the superstar’s revised song “Playing With Fire” noticeably derived the Stones original by using the same lyrics and music in a recognizable manner. Comparing the two versions, the suit displayed the Stones’ lyric “But don’t play with me, ’cause you’re playing with fire” and placed it against Weezy’s “But you can’t blame me if I set this stage on fire” as proof of the intentional deception. Abkco also accuses the revised depiction of featuring “explicit, sexist and offensive language” that is capable of convincing listeners that they approved of the new Stones portrayal.

Despite settling this case, Weezy is also facing another copyright lawsuit.

A federal lawsuit claimed Wayne did not have the right to sample Karma Ann Swanepoel’s song “Once” for his song “I Feel Like Dying.” Attorneys asked a New Orleans judge today (December 16) for an extension until Friday (December 19) before they are required to turn over all documents to plaintiff Urband & Lazar Publishing. Over a million people were able to download “I Feel Like Dying” sampled track.


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