Lil Wayne Only Rapper On Top 20 Money Makers! $50.8 Million

lil wayne got moneyLil Wayne takes home the 17th spot on this years LA Times top-grossing pop acts list. The list combines sales of concert tickets, albums and digital downloads to measure which acts were most popular with the broadest swath of music lovers. Weezy not only took home the 17th slot, but was the only rapper in the top 20.

For the year, there’s also a total split between Nielsen SoundScan’s ranking of the 10 biggest-selling performers of 2008 and Pollstar’s Top 10 highest-grossing North American concert tours. In recent years the Pollstar and SoundScan rosters have veered away from one another. Typically, classic-rock acts that appeal to well-heeled baby boomers rake in the most money at box offices, while hot but still developing pop, R&B and hip-hop artists sell more albums.

1. Madonna ($120.1 million).
2. Celine Dion ($106.8 million).
3. Kenny Chesney ($95.7 million).
4. Eagles ($90.7 million).
5. AC/DC ($82 million).

6. Coldplay ($81.6 million).
7. Bon Jovi ($81.4 million).
8. Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band ($79 million).
9. Jonas Brothers ($77.9 million).
10. Rascal Flatts ($77.1 million).

11. Neil Diamond ($70.5 million)
12. Taylor Swift ($62.2 million)
13. Michael Bublé ($59.5 million)
14. Metallica ($56.4 million)
15. Carrie Underwood ($54.9 million)
16. Dave Matthews Band ($51.6 million)
17. The Police ($51 million)
18. Lil Wayne ($50.8 million)
19. Tom Petty ($50.5 million)
20. Kid Rock ($50. 2 million)

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