Lil Wayne Rejects Bible, All Written Word Except Dictionary

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Jay-Z notoriously doesn’t write his lyrics down, preferring the spur of the moment energy of improvisation, but rapper Lil Wayne has taken this idea to another level, stating that he doesn’t write his songs and he doesn’t believe in anything written down, including the Bible. Lil Wayne told GQ:

I don’t believe the Bible, nothing that’s written, because nothing that’s written is to be believed… Well. There is one [book] I read and get information from. The damn dictionary. Yeah, when we be in the studio fussing over a word—no, it don’t mean that it mean this! Go to the Internet, Google that shit. That’s like a normal thing to do around here. Dictionary comes up as one of those little things on my computer.”

Lil Wayne then credits his good education for the literary references in his songs and describes how he has always excelled in school. It would be easy to label his denouncement of written word as hip hop posturing or a cynical rant, but Wayne is actually very passionate about his belief in spoken words and he also talks about his spiritual side quite a bit.

Later in the interview he says, “Family is always first. But this is under nothing else, except God… I pray every night and day. That’s about it.” When GQ asks to whom he prays to, “Whoever’s listening,” Lil Wayne replies.

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