Lil Wayne’s ESPN Blog: Arizona Is Gonna Stomp The Steelers Hearts

When my tour comes through a city, a lot of times athletes will call me up or have their managers get in touch with my management and come by and say what’s up. JaMarcus Russell and Darren McFadden came by in Oakland, and LeBron, Daniel (Boobie) Gibson and Ocho Cinco came to the Cleveland show. James Posey also turned up at one, too. Oh, and I met Gibril Wilson at the Oakland show, too. I introduced myself to him and he was like, “I know who you are: you rented my condo in Atlanta!” We’d never met before, so that was cool. I’d seen pictures of him in drawers in the kitchen, so I put it together.

As you guys know, I picked the Ravens to win the Super Bowl a few months ago, and I’m not happy they lost. I did not like that game. They were so banged up and they just looked tired. So now I’m gonna have to go with the Cardinals. When the playoffs started, I had ‘em going to the NFC championship game and losing, but I’m still pretty happy they’re gonna be in the Super Bowl. They’ve got a tough challenge ahead of ‘em going up against the Steelers, but I’m gonna go ahead and pick them to win the Super Bowl. Why? I like Kurt Warner. Remember him with the Rams in the Super Bowl ten years ago? Yeah. He’s back. And he’s got a whole new offense to work with. The Steelers were able to stop Joe Flacco, but, with all due respect to my man Joe Flacco, Kurt Warner is not a rookie quarterback.

I like Larry Fitzgerald a lot. He’s not the best receiver in the NFL—that would be Steve Smith or Terrell Owens—but he’s the best receiver in the Super Bowl. And if Warner has any time to throw to him, it’s over. I’m taking the Cardinals by 14 to 17 points. A lot of people will think that’s crazy, but you gotta understand the Cardinals have all the motivation right now. Nobody expects them to be there, so they’re out there trying to prove something. That’s the best situation to be in, period. That’s the way all the most successful people on the planet motivate themselves. So yeah, Arizona is gonna stomp their hearts and Kurt Warner is going to win the Super Bowl MVP, go into the Hall of Fame and become an excellent commentator for ESPN in a few years.

Did you see Ray Lewis might go to the Jets? If Brett Favre stays and Ray Lewis joins that team, that will be my most favorite team in all of history. I will get season tickets and paint my face green and go to every game. It would be like Clyde and Hakeem. Honestly, I don’t know if Brett is coming back next year. There are a lot of ifs, like IF Ray comes in there and IF Rex Ryan wants him back. I know that in the middle of the season they told him they wanted him back next year, and whenever he’s wanted back, you know what he does. But Ryan may not want him, and he’s the guy who’s probably going to make that call. I like that they hired Ryan as the coach. I’m with that move ’cause his dad coached the team in Super Bowl III, so he grew up a fan. This is a dream for him, so it’s a great story and all that.

(Side Note: I got the word from my man Chris Johnson. He’s rehabbing his ankle and he’s going to be ready for the Pro Bowl.)

“There is no doubt in my mind the Lakers will win the championship this year. None whatsoever.”

Did you guys see that game earlier in the week when the Cavaliers played the Lakers? Did you see what happened after Kobe got injured? He got better. He taught that boy a lesson. He said, LeBron, you’re good, but I’m great. And the crazy thing is he’s getting better every year. There is no doubt in my mind the Lakers will win the championship this year. None whatsoever.

I see he was talking about how he’d go play left field for the Dodgers and hit third if Manny Ramirez didn’t re-sign, and I wouldn’t put it past him. Kobe would probably be a great baseball player, because he’s so damned determined to be the best. He was on TV talking about how he was Randy Moss-ing it, and that made me laugh. I would like to see Kobe try another sport in his spare time, just like MJ. What if he can throw a curveball or something? Can you imagine that?

If the Dodgers are smart, they’ll re-sign Manny. I’m not really sure what’s taking so long. It seems like they’re trying to teach him a little lesson about who really has the power here. But it’s almost time for spring training to start, so I think the Dodgers are about to get real in a minute.

I got to see Chris Paul the other day. He came to my show in New Orleans and then he came to cut the ribbon on this new basketball court I built for the community, where a bunch of trailers used to be. He asked me if I wanted to play him, but you know, I had to decline because it was cold. Also, I didn’t want to go out there and show my shot to the news cameras. Didn’t want to have to turn down offers to go play in the league because I’ve got this tour going on.

The Masters are coming up and Tiger is gonna dominate. He’s had his time off, and he’s gonna come back so crazy and win the Masters by four strokes at least. There’s no way he’s gonna come back and suck. This is a man who is on the same level as Kobe and Michael in terms of skill and competitiveness, so I don’t see him coming back and NOT dominating. He says he hasn’t been playing, but I think he’s lying. I think he sits there in his crib on his Nintendo Wii, working on his form. I’m not that good on the Wii so I don’t like to play it. But can you imagine Tiger Woods on that thing? That would be ridiculous. I bet he’s on there every day practicing away so he can come out and whip some a—.

Shoutout to Jodie Meeks from Kentucky for dropping a cool 54 points the other night and following it up with an easy 22 in a win. He’s got a nice little streak going and I’ve got my eye on him. He was only averaging like 12 points a game and now he’s up to 25 or something, so watch out for him. Oh, and shoutout to Greg Monroe from Georgetown ’cause he’s from New Orleans.

Stephen Curry, I love you, but you need to do something amazing this week, because you’re kind of falling off the radar. Time to go for 40, kid. Man, he’s going to be great in the pros, ’cause with a shot like that coming off those hard screens, he’s got a bright future ahead of him. He’s also getting better overall each year, he just needs to have a big game that gets him back on SportsCenter soon so people don’t forget about him.

Have you guys been watching the Connecticut women’s basketball team? Oh my God. They beat North Carolina something like 87-58. Much props to Geno Auriema, man. He’s got his girls playing to where the ball doesn’t even touch the court. They pass the ball so well, it’s amazing to watch. Shoutout to Rashanda McCants ’cause she’s balling for UNC.

I want to go to Chapel Hill and catch Tyler Hansbrough before he leaves next year. I’m gonna try my best to get over there before this season is over because I really want to see him.

“Next year I bet he’s a first rounder.”

Well, I told you that Florida was gonna win the national championship, so shout out to the Gators for fulfilling your destiny. I think it’s a great thing that Tim Tebow is returning to school for his last year. He probably would have gone anywhere from the second to the fifth round in the draft if he’d come out this year, and next year I bet he’s a first rounder.

Coming out of college early to declare for the draft is a tough decision. I know Pete Carroll wasn’t too pleased that Mark Sanchez decided to go. As a coach, I can understand being upset, but it goes beyond football. I mean, it’s this person’s life. It’s a tough thing when you make the leap to being a pro. You’re gonna have a lot of people in your ear telling you this or that, and it’s easy to get taken advantage of. And then once you get that first paycheck, look out, man.

If I were Mark Sanchez, or any of these guys going pro, the first thing I would do is find a great attorney I could trust with my life. Someone who can handle all that and call me up and tell me if my cousin is trying to get $10,000 from me. Because when you’ve got so much going, you don’t have the time to oversee where every dollar is going. The second thing I would tell Mark Sanchez is that a phone is optional. If you aren’t constantly giving everyone your number, then people have to go through your manager, agents or whatever to get a hold of you, and you’re much less likely to get taken advantage of. You pay people to handle this kind of stuff so you don’t have to. Sometimes I just leave my phone off when it gets to be too much. I’m glad that I signed a record deal and all that before everyone had cell phones and Facebook and Myspace, because I’m not hooked in with all that. Everybody I’ve ever met doesn’t have direct access to me. I know that most of these kids in this generation of athletes are hooked in that way, and it makes things a lot more complicated for them. Saying no is hard, but if people can’t get a hold of you, then you don’t really have to.

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