Universal Not Rockin With Wayne?

When you’re a bonafide star, you pretty much get your way. Unless of course your way could possibly get in the way of the cash flow that is. Recently it was announced that Lil Wayne’s rock album, “Rebirth”, had been pushed back from April 7th to May 9th. He announced his plans to do an entire rock n roll album in addition to the release of the Carter V early this year, much to the surprise of his loyal fans who are used to hearing him stick to rapping. Well now I am getting some word that this was not just a standard push back but a direct signal from Wayne’s record label, Universal, that they are not rocking with him on this project.

The Carter III was the top selling album of the year and pretty much Universal Music’s cash cow of last year. They want to do everything to keep Wayne in the top position he is in right now and avoid anything that could knock him from that spot. Word is the top brass at Universal think that this rock album would be a failure and would make the rap world look at Wayne even more sideways than most of us already do. People tell me top execs at Universal have tried to talk to Wayne several times and explain to him that this album is not a reality, but of course those convos are to no avail. Word is that they let his manager, Cortez Bryant, know that if Wayne doesn’t brighten up they have to turn into Mr. Evil Record Company and just tell him it’s never going to be released.

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