Lil Wayne And Keri Hilson Dating!!?

Lil Wayne & Keri Hilson

A few months ago you couldn’t stop the Lil Wayne relationship rumors from coming in. Nivea, Trina, Superhead, and a host of others were all rumored to be in the Martian’s life and not to mention the huge debacle that was figuring out who his baby mama was. Recently though it’s been pretty quiet in regards to the guys love life…until now!

We all have heard the Keri Hilson and Wayne record they have together “Turn Me On”. Well whispers are going around that Wayne and Keri have been turning each other on outside of the studio. The two have been spotted together several times recently and she has been supposedly sleeping on Wayne’s tour bus with him for the past week. People close to Wayne say he tried to get at Keri immediately but she turned him down. However after a few weeks of pursuit she finally gave in and moved into Wayne’s World. So far they say it is nothing serious but if they know Wayne, he is probably taking it more serious than Keri…(whatever that means, I guess Wayne is a sucker for R&B star love?)

I gotta tilt my hat to the man if this one is true. That Ms. Keri is a bad little mama. Maybe this is why Wayne has been missing so many appearances lately…? Ms. Keri Baby!

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