Could There Be A Lil Wayne & Eminem Collaboration Coming?

After missing in action for nearly five years, Eminem is once again ready to return to the spotlight. Sitting down with radio disc jockey Angela Yee on satellite radio station Shade 45 on Sirius, the enigmatic rap superstar talked about his upcoming album Relapse, his thoughts on Bill O’Reilly’s recent accusations and more.

Eminem says that he would like to collaborate with Lil Wayne. When asked about the upcoming May release of Relapse, Eminem also revealed that a sequel of sorts was also scheduled to drop at the end of the year. “Relapse 2 will be out towards the end of the year,” Em said. “It’s basically, kinda a continuation of Relapse. That’s why it’s Relapse and then Relapse Part Two. That album is actually, probably, if it’s not finished, it’s extremely close to being finished.” Eminem also said that only Aftermath label mates 50 Cent and Dr. Dre will be the only guests on Relapse.

Among other things, Eminem said that he is also a fan of T.I., Kanye West and Lil Wayne, and would in fact one day like to work with Lil Wayne in the future. He also stated that he was in a movie that he shot last year, and that it is scheduled to come out in the summer.

He also spoke on the recent insults from Fox news personality Bill O’Reilly who, after seeing a parody of Alaskan governor Sarah Palin in the video for Relapse’s first single “We Made You,” called the rapper a “vile rapper” who “represents the lowest form of entertainment in this country.” “That guy’s funny,” Em retorted. “When I seen the thing… I seen it and was like, ‘Eh, you know. I guess that’s what he does in his world.’ It is what it is.”

Relapse is scheduled to drop Tuesday, May 19th via Interscope Records.

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