[Interview] Mack Maine: It’s My Time

mack-maineBeing patient in this music industry definitely pays off and for Mack Maine that time seems to be now. He got a verse to the video version of Lil Wayne‘s smash hit “Got Money” ft. T-Pain off his Grammy award winning album Tha Carter III, which was quickly followed up by Dedication 3 which introduced the Young Money roster old & new. Not to mention a verse off of Young Money’s lead off single “Every Girl”. In this game sometimes you have to take things into your own hands especially during this internet age, so Mack Maine teamed up with DJ Don Cannon and released “This Is Just A Mixtape”, but that’s just half of his story. I recently got a chance to get in contact with Maine and talk about every thing from how he got signed to Young Money Ent., to what separates him from other new artists. During this interview I got to learn about more about the man behind the music and hopefully you will too.

24: Where are you from and how long have you been rapping?

Mack Maine: New Orleans, Louisiana or Hollygrove to be exact. I been rapping since I was a little kid. I started out battle rapping and making fun of people then I realized I had a talent and started getting serious with it, trying to perfect my craft.

24: How did you hook up with Lil Wayne which lead you to signing with Young Money?

Mack Maine: Before music me and Wayne been childhood friends for a long time now. We both are from the same hood and I used to run with Baby and Slim so I been apart of the family for a long time. I did a video called “Unsigned Hype” and it was on BET. Wayne saw it on there and hit me up and asked me why I never told him I wasn’t signed. He told me to fly down and meet up with him then the next day I caught a flight and I been Young Money ever since!

24: What made you decide to go with Young Money compared to another label, because I’m sure after the video aired you were offered other deals?

Mack Maine: That’s family, I know these people, I know what they’re about! I had a couple deals before that didn’t work out but this is family and hometown.

24: How would you describe your sound and style because you can go from a verse on Lil Waynes “Got Money” ft T-Pain to singing on “Every Girl”?

Mack Maine: My sound varies I’m definitely very versatile. I might start doing country (lol) just to stay ahead of the game! I can make all different genres of music though. I am not a rapper, I am a musician!

24: With so many new artists dropping albums and getting signed how will you separate yourself from the rest?

Mack Maine: Hard work, versatility and keeping it moving. Touching base with my fans when I’m touring and just continuing to make great music.

24: Tell everyone about your latest mixtape you have out right now?

Mack Maine: It called “This is Just a Mixtape” hosted by DJ Don Cannon. It has all original beats and a good range of guest features. It definitely could have been my damn album(lol). It’s hot in the streets and on the internet right now too. I got “Throw it Back” with Weezy on there getting good play, I got “Man Cry”with Mistah Fab on there getting good play as well. It’s a classic mixtape! If you don’t got it, go get it! Also go vote it at the Justo Awards for best mixtape too!

24: When should the streets be looking forward to hearing your solo album as well as the Young Money album and how is that coming out so far?

Mack Maine: Late 2009 hopefully, if not this year definitely the top of next year. I’m going to keep music out there though no matter when its drops.

24: What advice would you give to other up and coming trying to get into the game from your experience so far?

Mack Maine: Work Hard, and never stop! Do as much as you can for yourself, nobody else can make you “Hot” but yourself so be real with yourself. Don’t try to be something that your not because that don’t work and people are going to see through you.

24: What should everyone look out for from you in 2009?

Mack Maine: More great music! The “Every Girl” video is dropping real soon, Young Money is on tour right now in a city near you. Come check us out, go check out the first single “Every Girl” and go vote for it on every video countdown. Call your radio stations, support the movement.

24: Any thing you want to promote before we go?

Mack Maine: Young Money Entertainment! Look out for that “Every Girl” video like I said before. This record will be impacting TV and Radio real soon so remember I told you so. Shout out to Drizzy Drake, Twist, Chuckee, Gudda Gudda, Jae Millz, Nikki Minaj, and Weezy! My homie TZ, Big B, Hollygrove, New Orleans. All my fans, all my supporters all my real niggaz. Love the love, Peace!

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