Avril Lavigne Will NOT Be On Lil Wayne’s Rebirth

Avril Lavigne will NOT be on Rebirth

It seems the too-strange-to-be-true collaboration between Canadian pop-punk princess Avril Lavigne and New Orleans rapper Lil Wayne was just that.

A representative for Lavigne says the 24-year-old Napanee, Ont., native has not collaborated with Lil Wayne, contrary to reports published online.

Lavigne was reportedly going to be featured on Lil Wayne’s upcoming rock record, “Rebirth.”

The reports seemed to stem from a March story on Rolling Stone’s website about a leaked version of the oft-delayed album. The story made a vague reference to a cameo from Lavigne, news that then made the rounds in blogs.

“Avril did not collaborate with Lil Wayne,” a representative for Lavigne said Monday through her label.

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