“I Can’t Feel My Face” To Be Released Soon!

Now I don’t like to speculate, but check out what Juelz Santana said on his twitter below.


Could this mean that him and Lil Wayne are going to leak their I Can’t Feel My Face album just as a mixtape? Personally I’m not ruling that option out. Juelz and Weezy are on different labels, and there could be business complications with licensing. I don’t understand the music industry very well, but from what I do understand, business disagreements CAN pop up from time to time. Just look at Lil Wayne’s recent lawsuits.

lot of tracks from these two have been leaking lately from Juelz, and he doesn’t seem to mind doing it. Perhaps he is planning on just dropping the album as a mixtape to promote his upcoming album, ‘Born to Lose, Built to Win’ coming this fall. The mixtape could also promote Rebirth and/or the Carter 4 from Weezy F Baby. Hit me up with your thoughts in the comments or forums.

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