Lauren London IS Pregnant By Lil Wayne!!

Lil Wayne and Lauren London

Its true Lauren London is really pregnant with Wayne. Here’s what she said:

A source says: Lauren and Wayne weren’t happy about the pregnancy initially, but they “have accepted it and chosen to raise the baby together.” Everyone’s all smiles now and very excited about the new baby. Lauren says that she’s “not worried about the pregnancy affecting her career,” and doesn’t really care about what people think. She’s stayed very positive throughout this entire time. Lauren and Lil Wayne have decided not to live together or continue with their five year “on again, off again” relationship at this time.

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One Response to “Lauren London IS Pregnant By Lil Wayne!!”

  1. SHANEKA says:

    lauren is pretty and wayne sexy so dey baby gon be gorgeous but wayne need 2 strt wearing condoms ASAP!!!!!!!!!! 4REAL CUZ HE DNT NEED NOMOE KIDS UNLESS BY ME CUZ DATS MY HUBBY 4REAL 4REAL

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