[Rumor] Lil Wayne Took Lauren London’s Virginity!!?

November 30, 2007. We told you yesterday that rapper Lil Wayne and Lauren London were an item. Now MediaTakeOut.com got an email from one of Lauren London’s ex-boyfriends who sheds some further light on the Wayne-Lauren romance.

Here’s what he had to say:

I was shocked when I read that Lauren is BACK with Wayne! Yeah, I said BACK. Let me put you on. Wayne was Lauren’s FIRST (I’m sure you know what that means) back in like 2000. How do I know? Cause I’m Lauren’s ex man.

They had matching tats and all that. Last summer Wayne was on the cover of the Source (magazine) and if you find that cover look at his right forearm, it said “Lauren”. It’s covered up now. She also had his name on her lower back, it’s now covered up too.

I have nothing negative to say about Baby Girl, she’s beautiful inside and out. I just find it strange that they’re back together after what she told me about dude!!!!! But that’s another story!!

We got an old and new pic of Lil Wayne and he sure is right about the tattoo.

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6 Responses to “[Rumor] Lil Wayne Took Lauren London’s Virginity!!?”

  1. Ms. Polo (=$Sup@fly$=) says:

    I don’t believe this but if it is true damn Wayne thats crazy

  2. Nia says:

    doesnt wayne have kids & all if this is trueeeeeeeee
    i hope it was after he had his kids

  3. TEE says:


  4. ashleu says:

    WELL if wayne and lauren are an item there cute !! and they should raise the baby together if she is pregnant ..

  5. really says:

    garbage. he is trash.

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