Lauren London Very Upset About Nivea’s Pregnancy!!

Yesterday Lauren London was at lost for words today after finding out that her baby daddy was expecting another child yesterday. Lauren who is almost 6 months pregnant didn’t know anything about Nivea pregnancy, and found out via (go figure) and was outraged. Like every other star these days, she took to her Twitter page to express how she felt. But after speaking to a family friend left the topic alone. She then decided to spend the day with her family and close friends. Lauren told her friends that she is worried if her career is over as a result of these issues. As we all know Lauren is on the pinnacle of Black Hollywood as the face of Sean John and reoccurring role in the remake of Beverly Hills 90210 on the CW. A reliable source stated that Wayne doesn’t want anything to do with Lauren.

Today Nivea called Ryan Cameron’s and confirmed that she is indeed pregnant with a boy. In fact, both of them are pregnant with Wayne’s sons. This is a really bad situation, considering that she is knocked up and the baby daddy is in love with someone else. Lauren London can have any man in the world but she chooses to get with an engaged man… Is the recession effecting men too!!!! This makes Wayne about 4 babies up and 4 baby mamas down. I guess it is true about Wayne ” He can f*&^k any girl in this world”.

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5 Responses to “Lauren London Very Upset About Nivea’s Pregnancy!!”

  1. tanisha says:

    i think that lauren london is so damn pretty and wayne shouldnt do her that way

  2. Phairen says:

    Lauren is a lovely lady and an amazing actress but she knew what she was getting into when she cocked her legs open to an engaged man. Maybe she was star struck but what ever it was she could have done better. I doubt this mistake will fuck up her career but its sad that it had to be him. A classy lady like her deserves a faithful man and a ring before getting knocked up. Not being strung along in some baby mama triangle. Anyone who believes he ain’t messing with all his baby mamas plus more is goofy as hell and needs a reality check. DAMN WHY LAUREN WHYYYYYYYY!!!

  3. Phairen says:

    I wonder now if Wayne was talking about Lauren London when he said “I like a long haired thick redbone”… yall know the rest LOL

  4. stacey says:

    that guy is so ugly, what was she thinking.

  5. ashleyB. says:


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