Pictures of Lil Waynes & His New Girlfriend, “Mrs. Officer”?

“Check out these photos of Lil Wayne courtside at a playoff game with “Mrs. Officer” aka Tammy Torres. They arrived hand in hand and seemed to be doting on each other like a loving couple. Tammy Torres sat clutching her purse to her stomach for the entire game and munching on everything in sight. Could this be a possible baby number 5 for Weezy?!? We already know this is Wayne’s Miami joint after seeing them in the Mrs. Officer video. Looks like he is locking in a lifetime of child support payments in LA, ATL, Ohio and now Miami………… SMH”

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12 Responses to “Pictures of Lil Waynes & His New Girlfriend, “Mrs. Officer”?”

  1. ebony says:

    she soooooo basic

  2. Naj says:

    he should go back to his wife Toya

  3. teon says:


    lil.wayne is my mann swettie somday you’ll know me lil.wayne andd were gonna get married i luvv you lil. wayne

  4. keke says:

    toya is more preetyier than her toya will beat her ass

  5. Sarah says:

    Toya or Shanell has sooooo much more to offer Wayne then that….He really fallin off with these white girls and stuff. Like what happen to the hood in him.

  6. Mookie says:

    i mean come on wayne you know u can do alot better then that ugly bitch..nd wasnt she in your new video SINGLE??…come on wayne u can have almost any girl and you go for her wow!!! u lost cool points

  7. Lady-Yaya says:

    U know wat, i cn dig al the info about weezy bt when i found out im getting jelouse becoz i do lv wayne i adore hm so much. mncwa lv i wana be Mrs Carter 1day

  8. yasmine says:

    dnt hate n lil wayne cuz he gotta cute neew girlfriend


    Yall quit hating she cute


    Leave tha dude alone yall cant tell him who and who not to date..maybe ya jealous…….thats it…..funny people..word up

  11. Stallone says:

    Hi weezy she is the woman of your life fall for her shes an angle.Ooh shes hot in all your girlfriends.

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