[Rumor] Jae Millz Robbed @ Shooting Of Drake’s “Best I Ever Had”

Word is Millz was on the set of Drake’s video shoot for “The Best I Ever Had”. Millz was there to show support to his Young Money brother however there were also several people that really had nothing to do with the video but had just gotten onto the set somehow. I Video sets are not as secure as one would think… Well anyway the details I am getting is that there was a little scuffle and someone used the opportunity to get Millz during the commotion. After the dust settled Millz was absent some pieces and immediately left the set in a hurry, without saying bye to anyone. I am hearing from my source as well that the robbers were from Brooklyn and used to have an association with a certain chipped tooth Brooklyn rapper, even once rumored to be his personal robbing crew.

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