[Rumor] Nivea Pregnant & Getting Married To Lil Wayne!!?


Celebrity photog FreddyO claims R&B singer Nivea is pregnant with Lil Wayne’s baby. Ironically, love is richer the second time around for Nivea and Wayne, who were previously engaged. After their breakup in 2003, Nivea married and had three children with hip-hop producer The Dream. They divorced last year.

In a statement to BlackCelebKids.com, Freddy says: “I would like to be the first to send my congratulations to [Nivea] and her baby daddy soon-to- be husband Wayne. The two are said to be marrying within the next few months. Hummmm I wonder about that. Wayne will also be having a child with the one and only Ms. Lauren London who is also pregnant by him . WOW…. I wonder what they said when they both found out about each other…”

Weezy needs to stop dropping his seed in all of these women. The Grammy-winning is also “allegedly” expecting a baby with actress Lauren London, who is due to deliver later this year.

In addition, Wayne has two other children: ten-year-old daughter Reginae Carter, with his high school sweetheart Antonia “Toya” Johnson, and a son Dwayne Carter III, who was born on October 22, 2008 — that child’s mother remains unidentified.

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5 Responses to “[Rumor] Nivea Pregnant & Getting Married To Lil Wayne!!?”

  1. Damn he got both of them pregnant.He just cant stop.They both ugly.He a man horror and they hoes.I dont know why they keep going out with him and when they catch sumthin and he know he got sumthin,dont say nuthin,BITHCES and wayne need to stpo, MANHORROR????

  2. THEY JUST DUMB AS HELL??????????

  3. Shanqurika Davis says:

    them girls is super dumb lil wayne is nasty he got 4 babys and 4 different baby mamas he should have just stayed with toya she better for him then all the other ones

  4. Miranda Umhoefer says:

    wow i think that everyone deserves to do their own thing and live their life how they wanna..and if he wants to live it rich with 4 baby mama’s then so be it..we all wanna live out lives differently..so i dont think that it is right to judge.

  5. kourtne says:

    lil wayne is a man he gone do what a man is going to do,! yall fall back and let him live his life.!

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