The Alchemist’s “You Aint Got Nuthin” Wasn’t Made For Tha Carter III

With The Alchemist’s sophomore LP Chemical Warfare hitting stores next month, caught up with the producer to speak on the disc, and one track in particular that didn’t make the final cut.

It turns out that “You Ain’t Got Nuthin” from Lil Wayne’s multi-platinum Tha Carter III – which also features Fabolous and Juelz Santana – was originally supposed to be on Alc’s album. In fact the Beverly Hills-bred beatmaker wasn’t initially thrilled about losing the song.

“I’m gonna keep it real,” he revealed to XXL. “At first, I was angry. Just the stubborn, dumb rapper/producer guy. Like, ‘Nah, son, I’m making an album! You’re pulling my arm out of my body! This is a finger on my body and you’re making the body incomplete.’ But there was an artist who shall remain nameless who was with me at the time who was like, ‘+!@#$, if you don’t wanna use that +!@#$, I will!’”

Alc sent the track to Weezy, hoping to get a hook, but instead the New Orleans superstar had other plans in mind. “At first the record was done without Wayne and then we sent to Wayne to get the hook on it and it came back with his verse,” Alc explained. “At first, with the whole effect on the voice, I wasn’t crazy about it—not that I’m against it, I just don’t know if that’s how I heard it on the record. It worked out. Hallelujah.”

Al was in turn compensated nicely for his work behind the boards. “[Universal] cut me a check that was $350 grand,” he said. “I’m chillin now. Thanks, baby!”

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