Lil Wayne’s Ex. Wife Antonia “Toya” Carter Make’s An Offical Statement About The BET Awards

Bet Awards 2009

In the latest news regarding the whole Lil Wayne/Young Money controversial performance, Lil Wayne’s ex wife and mother of his child Reginae Carter has released an offical statement. Check out what she had to say below:

“I Antonia “Toya” Carter have been disturbed but silent about the recent performance that took place at the BET awards, which including my only child Reginae Carter and her friends joining her father Lil Wayne on stage while he performed his new single “Every Girl”. I will be the first to admit that the father and daughter relationship should not have been reunited on stage for any particular reason while this song was being performed. Wayne is a very loving, caring, and devoted father and I truly feel that the act was unintentional due to the fact that he was trying to make his little girl happy by letting her be on stage with her father. Once again, I do not of any degree think it was a wise decision and I truly do apologize to all that this may offended and most importantly the children that watched this performance. I feel we all have learned a lot from this situation and pray that the viewers will allow these children to move forward with their lives and not held accountable because they are innocent.”

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2 Responses to “Lil Wayne’s Ex. Wife Antonia “Toya” Carter Make’s An Offical Statement About The BET Awards”

  1. Quaenisha says:

    that was nice of lil wayne to let his child no satg and that he is helping take care of her and u r not do ing it a lone and some of these fathers out her r not helping take care orf their kids

  2. Kendrealle says:

    It was nice of Wayne to do this but not while preforming
    “Every Girl. Honestly I love the song but I feel that it isn’t for kids especially little girls . !

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