[RUMOR] Drake Won’t Work With Birdman??

Although it is now official that Drake is Young Money/Cash Money owned and not just affiliated, some things are still coming out that all is not right. Although Drake and Weezy love making songs together and Drake says he will continue to work with Wayne for the rest of his career, I am hearing that offer is not good for the rest of Cash Money, most namely Baby a.k.a. The Birdman.

Word is that Baby has requested several times for Drake to come and work with him and possibly do some writing for his upcoming album. However all those requests have been flat out denied and I am now finding out why. My intel tells me that Drake just doesn’t respect Birdman as a real artist and also doesn’t trust him to give him the proper credit should he do any writing for him. This worry is only fueled by the fact that EVERYONE who has ever done business with Cash Money in any way, besides Wayne, has cried foul.

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