[RUMOR] Lil Wayne Gives Away His Jewelry??

When it comes to the stuntin, there were few in the game who could fuck with Weezy and his jewel game. Chain after chain, ring after ring, and multi colored braclet after bracelet, Wayne got his shine on. Recently though he has taken a more subtle approach and wore only a small silver rosary chain, if anything at all. So what happned to all the jewels and why did he stop wearing them?

I am hearing like most things, Wayne grew out of all that and stopped wearing jewels naturally by his own decision. However what he did with all those baubles is something I never would of expected. Apparently Wayne gave away most of his jewelry to friends, staff, and artists on his Young Money Ent. label. These are not just loans either but straight up gifts that he doesn’t want back. I am hearing Nicki Minaj in particular got hooked up with a solid diamond tennis braclet worth a little over a million.

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