The Dream Says That He Will Talk With Lil Wayne If They Have To

Singer and producer The Dream says he has no immediate plans to talk to Lil Wayne, who is expecting a baby with Nivea – who is The Dream’s ex-wife. It was reported earlier this year that the Lollipop rapper had impregnated Nivea, who already has three children from her marriage to The Dream.

However, the Rockin That Thang singer – who is engaged to singer Christina Milian – says he won’t need to have words with Lil Wayne about the rapper’s relationship with Nivea – unless the pair decides to marry.

“I’ve never met him,” The Dream says of Lil Wayne. “We’re somewhere in the grey area I guess, coz we haven’t had the chance to talk. But I wish him and Nivea the best. If marriage comes up then we’ll definitely need to have a conversation. But right now we don’t need to, coz even though she’s pregnant, there’s no real commitment between them, to the point where we’d need to have a conversation.”

The status of Lil Wayne’s relationship with Nivea is still unclear, and the rapper is also expecting a child with actress Lauren London.

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One Response to “The Dream Says That He Will Talk With Lil Wayne If They Have To”

  1. shelby stout says:

    i think it should not matter about who lil wayane with as long as he happy and not a bad dad(his a good dad)and the dream dont need to have a talk with lil wayane because they are not together anymore but lil wayane should have a girlfriend and stop f*ck all this women still it his business and we have nothing to do with the decision cus he a grown man with a good life yA fill me

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