The Real Reason Why Lil Wayne Canceled The Entire European Tour

Days ago, news of Lil Wayne’s highly anticipated European tour was reported to be postponed resulting in the disappointment of millions of fans across the continent. In a exclusive, the reasoning behind the cancellation has been uncovered.

“He canceled the entire [European] tour. His heart can’t take any adrenaline rush apparently,” said the source.

It was reported Wayne arrived in Europe with all intentions to perform but was mandated to rest by a doctor due to an unknown illness. The condition is believed deal with migraine problems the multiplatinum rapper suffers from on occasion.

“It’s a migraine condition which requires a specific medication. If this medication is combined with adrenaline, a myocardial infarction can be provoked.”

A myocardial infarctionis a condition which is the result of a critical imbalance between the oxygen supply and demand of myocardium. If untreated, a heart attack can potentially occur.

Wayne is still slated to be the headliner on the America’s Mosted Wanted Tour, however, kicking off July 27 in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

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