[VIDEO] 50 Cent Says Lil Wayne’s Sales Don’t Mean Anything

In the video below 50 Cent says some stuff that I find really annoying. Specifically, he says that Lil Wayne selling over a million in a week doesn’t mean anything, and that fans are quick to forget his history; getting caught up in whoever is hot at the moment. “What you’re talking about is who is a buzz,” he explained. “A buzz is a song. So the next song that I release can turn me back into what you feel like is the hottest thing out here. So I mean if I’m showing you full capability of it than what makes you doubt that.” 50 points to fellow heavyweight Jay-Z, who he feels consistently finds a way to stay relevant. “There’s a respect that is well deserved on Jay-Z’s part because he’s had that cloud come over him and constantly worked his way through it, having so many projects come out and be successful and maintain meaning.” (XXL)

I think part of the reason Lil Wayne is so much better than 50 Cent is because he’s smarter. 50, a buzz is when you’re mildly intoxicated by a substance, not a song. Buzz can also mean hype or interest surrounding something, but again, not a song. Also, Jay-Z had a cloud come over him? Is 50 trying to say that Jay has gained clout from his quality and experience?

Weezy is much more eloquent than 50, he has much better word choice, and that is just a SMALL reason why he is the best, while 50 is jealous and trying to get attention. Watch the video below, please don’t try and say fifty is better in the comments lol.

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