Lil Wayne Appeared In Yuma Court Again

Lil Wayne just can’t seem to dodge the bullet these days. The popular hip-hop M.C appeared in a Yuma court yet again today in an ongoing trial for drugs and weapons that stems back to a border patrol incident in early January of 2008 when he was arrested for cocaine, ecstasy, and a hangun.

Check out what the Yuma Sun had to say:

Surveillance video and how the U.S. Border Patrol’s drug-sniffing dogs are trained were once again the focus of Lil Wayne’s defense attorneys Thursday. At a Yuma hearing, the rapper’s attorneys continued to seek dismissal of drug and weapons charges against the celebrity. Superior Court Mark Wayne Reeves, who is presiding over the case, is going to review the redacted or blacked-out training records that the Border Patrol has now provided to the defense, according to Yuma attorney James Tilson, who co-represents the rapper.

Tilson said Reeves will decide whether the agency needs to provide a copy without blacked-out information. Lil Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Carter, was arrested in January 2008 at a Border Patrol checkpoint 78 miles east of Yuma. Authorities said they found cocaine, Ecstasy and a handgun on his tour bus.

The rapper has pleaded not guilty in Yuma County Superior Court to single counts of possessing drug paraphernalia, possessing dangerous drugs and weapons misconduct. Tilson said the judge also issued an order that the Border Patrol turn over any video of the traffic stop if it exists.

During a hearing in June, Carter’s attorneys told the court they had not received the information they had requested regarding how drug-detecting dogs used by the Border Patrol are trained. Reeves previously issued a ruling that the Yuma County Attorney’s Office was to obtain the information and turn it over to the defense. However, the prosecution informed the court that it instead received a seven-page letter from Border Patrol legal counsel saying the agency did not plan to release the information.

Reeves asked the prosecution to make that letter available to the court by the end of the day so he could review it to determine what the Border Patrol’s basis was for denying the request and decide what action to take.

Also during that hearing, Carter’s attorneys told the judge they were informed by a Border Patrol agent that there were surveillance cameras at the checkpoint. But when they requested any video of the incident, they were never given one.

Carter’s attorneys want the drug dog’s training information and any video of the incident because they have said it goes toward probable cause.

The rapper’s next court date is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. Oct. 1. Since the judge waived his appearance, Carter will not have to be present. Tilson said it will be a trial management conference and the judge will set a trial date at that time.

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