Mack 10 Speaks On His History With Lil Wayne

Mack 10 recently did an interview with BallerStatus, in which he spoke about working with Lil Wayne and how he knew Weezy F Baby would be very successful, even 10 years back. When asked how he got so many big names on his first single So Sharp, Mack 10 replied:

Just a phone call, it wasn’t nothing. I been doing this a long time and I I’ve sold probably five or six million records independent. So I’m alright on my side of the tracks, ya dig what I’m saying? In the indie world, it’s like Hoo-Bangin’ is as good as it gets in the independent world. The last Westside Connection record was on Hoo-Bangin’. It wasn’t nothing but a phone call. Wayne is my folks, Ross is my folks. It was nothing.

BallerStatus: Back to the Cash Money topic. What’s your first memory of Lil Wayne and what’s your thought on the type of success that he’s having now?

Mack 10: I was one of the first to tell Baby and Slim years ago, like way before Wayne’s success right now. I said “Bet the house on him.” If you ask Baby I think he’ll tell you that I said “Bet the house on Wayne, he got it. Just let him be him and do him.” That’s what he did and the rest is history. Wayne is a special talent, period, and I knew it. This success is not new, Wayne been going platinum since he was fourteen. Everybody looks at Wayne like all this new success, but it ain’t new. He’s been going platinum for 10 years now, but it seems like people forgot about that. That’s what makes him even better because usually people don’t get better the longer their careers go. They don’t get bigger 10 years later, but that’s what this kid did and that’s just phenomenal really.

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