[Video] VH1 Behind The Music: Lil Wayne Commercial

Check out this preview of Lil Wayne’s episode of Behind The Music, which will be airing September 10th at 10 PM on VH1. Who else is gonna be tuning in to see all about Weezy F Baby?

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One Response to “[Video] VH1 Behind The Music: Lil Wayne Commercial”

  1. Christina says:

    Face it Weezy is that dude. Baby had him on his team for a reason and I plead to argue the fact, BG, Juve no dis-re but iMean along the way they smoked all they money up. Wayne was trained to be a beast…a animal he eatin the rappers alive literally. My only fear as a die hard fan is that his life is being made TOO public. So what he got all these kids and baby mommas nigs do it everyday I dont compare him to Jay but look at em. Him and Beyonce’ they got it at anytime. Weezy is up there and on top up there that you oversee every other rapper out there Baby behind it all he’s a genius a mastermind. Look at Boosie he been under ground for so long and they been burnin his cd’s. where can u ind a undergroun artist in the cd store etc. they BEEN burnin his ish so when he come out and drop a hard one it’s hard for him to make sale’s since nigs like sh!t iBeen burnin his ish why buy it? He got Obama speakin on him come on!!open yall eyes stop hatin

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