[Video] What Happens When Lil Wayne Won’t Sleep With His Fans

Check out the video below where Weezy F Baby explains what happened when 2 hoes kept asking “can we suck Lil Wayne’s dick” and he refused. Pretty crazy but funny, too, let us know what you think in the comments section.

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2 Responses to “[Video] What Happens When Lil Wayne Won’t Sleep With His Fans”

  1. DONNIE says:

    I don’t understand what’s up with females now day’s. What happen to going to school and getting an education. Now all little girls know is how to blow a nigga. They should be ashame of their self. They learn it from the women that are in the industry now like super head. Who the fuck is a superhead for a b***h to walk around with that name you should be ashame of your self. I am a fan of lil waynes to but I will be dame if I would ask to suck his dick what the hell do people think this is. That is why so many african americans have std’s now. I value myself and my life to much. Again I do love your swagg and music. I just think even though it probably don’t matter you should start treating women better you know like you would want a man to treat your daughter. 2 women pregnant at once that’s not cute baby’s are angels you should not just have them with anybody.

  2. -AB* ? says:

    WOW ; its just females like this that make AlL of the females look Beyond badd. ofcouse CERTAIN females Suck dick & ETC but you dont wanna be know for that its just not Cute it messes up your REP thats something these females dont care about im a HUGE fan of lil wayne (-NiCkiMiNAj( :] i just think is stupidd to send a man can i suck you dick shore its nature to them females but its WahtEVER <$$$

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