Diddy Speaks On MTV’s Hottest MCs Lil Wayne & Jay-Z [Video]

Diddy said it had to be Jay-Z or Lil Wayne. Last week, before the final rankings of MTV News’ Hottest MCs in the Game list were announced, the Mogul agreed that a Carter should be in the #1 spot.

“I think battling it out for first place is Jay-Z and Lil Wayne,” Diddy told us of the Hottest list, which had Jay at #1 and Wayne at #2. “I’m gonna leave that up to the fans to decide. They definitely have taken the torch of Rakim, LL [Cool J], KRS-One, Biggie, Tupac. They have carried on the tradition of great MCs. When I was in [Madison Square] Garden the other day looking at the Jay-Z concert, I almost wanted to cry. I was looking at my brother. I was just looking at how he worked hard to get to this point. It was a moving moment, me being his friend and just a fan of his, to see how far Jay has come. Same thing with Wayne — knowing where he comes from and seeing him put Young Money together.”

Diddy said Weezy and his crew of new talent reminds him of when Bad Boy took over the game in the ’90s.

“I nod my head to Wayne, I tip my hat to him,” Diddy said. “I told him at the BET Awards. I said, ‘You doing the new generation of Bad Boy. You’re doing what we did back in ‘94. That’s really creating a movement.’ I tip my hat to him, but now I gotta watch him because he’s competition. But he’s doing his thing. He’s gone from artist to label mogul, so you have to give him his respect.”

Jay-Z came in at #1, while Wayne took home the runner-up position — his third consecutive Hottest MC finish — and Drake rounded out the top three.

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