Lil Wayne’s Ten Best Sports References From “No Ceilings”


“Not too many people sit across the table from Skip Bayless and hold their own. But that’s exactly what Lil Wayne, a self proclaimed Sportscenter junkie, did on 1st & 10. Then the “mixtape Weezy” out did himself with over 100 sports references on the instant classic “No Ceilings”. Thank God I’m Famous highlights the 10 best.”

10. “Quarterback Weezy/Young Tom Brady/Open up your mouth and catch a bomb baby” – That’s All I Have

9. “I’m in the zone like a fastball/and I fuck up the game like a bad call” – D.O.A.

8. “Drop my best shit like the Cowboys dropped Owens” -Banned From TV

7. “Walk around like I’m 30 feet tall/Tiger Woods on these hoes tryna birdie these balls” -Swag Surfin

6. “Young Nino nigga/Do it for my team Tim Tebow nigga!” -D.O.A.

5. “Gucci only to the grocery store/Quit playing bitch we ballin like Okafor” -Throw It In The Bag Remix

4. “Yall niggas Little League/Call ‘em Curacao” -Wasted

3. “Quarterback shotgun you don’t get any sack yards/Bitch I ball hard breaking all the backboards/Pretty Boy Floyd step up I’ll crack yours” -Swag Surfin

2. “Smoke weed talk shit like Lake Kiffin” -Banned From TV

1. “Looking for a bitch for some sexual healing/Open up her mouth she catch it like Braylon” -No Ceilings

Bonus: “I get big checks/Niketown bitch” -Banned From TV

What do you guys think? Which one is your favorite?

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