Lil Wayne – “Rebirth” [Retail]-2010 LEAKED!!

Lil Wayne‘s Rebirth leaked sometime yesterday due to Amazon shipping out the album two months early because they were not aware of the release date being pushed to February. Enjoy & go support Weezy by coppin it when its officially released in February. Let us know what you guys think in the comments section.

Download: Lil Wayne – “Rebirth” [Retail]-2010


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One Response to “Lil Wayne – “Rebirth” [Retail]-2010 LEAKED!!”

  1. Weezy Fan says:

    Shit man this sucks. He said it himself, “Weezy F, I’m bad as luck.” First Tha Carter III and now Rebirth. Now he has to do a whole new album, because he won’t release a CD that was leaked.. Shit this sucks!!

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