Top Ten Lil Wayne Songs Of 2009

The year has come to an end and with that we thought we would bring to you the top ten Lil Wayne songs of 2009 in our opinion. We decided to stick solely to full songs and not do any Lil Wayne features since he has about a million. Anyways check out the list below and let us know what you think, and remember with a new year comes new music. We cannot wait to see what new music Lil Wayne has in store for us in 2010.

1. Lil Wayne ft. Eminem – Drop The World

Lil Wayne finally got his wish of collaborating with Eminem, after expressing a strong desire to work with the Detroit MC. Even though the two got a chance to collaborate on Drake’s massive hit “Forever”, Wayne wanted his own piece of the pie. This is easily the best Lil Wayne song of 2009, giving fans a look at whats to come with his new “rock inspired” sound.

2. Lil Wayne ft. Gucci Mane – Steady Mobbin

With production by Kane Beatz and a feature from Gucci Mane, “Steady Mobbin” was bound to be a hit. This collaboration was not only a street anthem but a record that showcased the raw grittiness and pure lyrical skills that Lil Wayne possesses. Gucci Mane also held his own on the record, spitting one of his best verses of the year.

3. Lil Wayne – Kobe Bryant

Any Lil Wayne fan knows that Weezy F. Baby is an avid sports fan, and it was carried over into his lyrical genius earlier this year when he created “Kobe Bryant” one night alongside famous producer Infamous. All we can say is, Lil Wayne is the Kobe Bryant of the rap world.

4. Lil Wayne – Single

One of the standout songs off Lil Wayne’s popular mixtape No Ceilings was “Single”, a slow and laid-back ode to being single.

5. Lil Wayne – I’m Goin In

Sorry Drake, but Lil Wayne had one of the best versions of all time. Just like the title of the song, Lil Wayne goes in on Drake’s version of “I’m Goin In”.

6. Lil Wayne – Prom Queen

It may not be your favorite cut off of the Rebirth album, but its most definitely the song that inspired Wayne to go in this new “rock” sounding direction.

7. Lil Wayne – Go Getta

Lil Wayne not only gave back to his fans with this lyrical track about not giving up and going after your goals, but he also gave back and dedicated the song to another “Go Getta” in the sports world and said “Michael Phelps this for you baby“.

8. Lil Wayne – Swag Surfin

Weezy beat the beat up like Sonny Liston, and made a club anthem that was already hot even hotter. This was hands down one of the best freestyles of 2009.

“We roll them bitches thick, make them look like Toccara.”

9. Lil Wayne – Hot Revolver

One of the very first leaks that came from the whole Rebirth project, Hot Revolver gave a glimpse at what was to come with the direction Wayne was going in. With production from legendary producers Cool n’ Dre this was one of the most well received tracks and ended up peaking at #7 on the itunes chart.

10. Lil Wayne ft. Drake – My Darlin Baby

Easily one of the most overlooked tracks of 2009, yet one of our favorites. This could easily be on a Carter album and its definitely got that raw lyrical flow.

Honorable Mention:

Lil Wayne ft. Kevin Rudolf – Spit

Full of punchlines and having a unique and gritty sound, Spit was suppose to appear on Lil Wayne’s long delayed Rebirth album but didn’t make the cut. Hopefully we will see this re-worked and on the new version of Rebirth coming in February.

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