Lil Wayne’s Tattoo Is Ultraviolet & More

Lil Wayne Picture

Lil Waynes Ultraviolet Stars Tattoos

You all know Lil Wayne has added nine stars to the side of his face, but did you know that they are ultraviolet? On Lil Twist’s uStream last night, Weezy shone a light onto the tattoos and you can see them glow. Check out a pic above and one below. Weezy also said he is shooting a music video for “I’m Not Human” on Twist’s uStream even though the song wasn’t on the Rebirth album. Maybe Wayne is putting it on Tha Carter IV… I doubt it, but I’m really not sure. Also, hit the jump to read what Drake said about Lil Wayne at The Grammys:

Lil Waynes Ultraviolet Stars Tattoos

“For me and Wayne, it was just such a full circle moment,” Drake said of the Grammys. “We started out this year on a mission for him to bring up some new artists under his label, Young Money. It’s very rare that an artist is successful in that, bringing up somebody and having the world recognize somebody else that they believe in,” he added (Drake received two Grammy nominations this year). “We had a great moment onstage. I gave him a big hug and told him I loved him. It was amazing.”

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  1. weezlady says:

    weezy’s tatooz b da grytest of em all… no 1 cn rock em lyk dat!! dey b hottt…..*smirk*

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