Does Lil Wayne Have Any Kids & How Many?

Lil Wayne & His Daughter Reginae Carter

Lil Wayne has four children. His first child, daughter Reginae, was born when he was 15, to his high school sweetheart Antonia “Toya” Carter.

His second child, Dwayne III, was then born on October 22, 2008 at Christ Hospital in Cincinnati.

His third child, Lennox Samuel Ari, was born to actress Lauren London on September 9, 2009.

He had his fourth child, Neal, on November 30, 2009 with singer Nivea.

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7 Responses to “Does Lil Wayne Have Any Kids & How Many?”

  1. Rose says:

    Well what I think is that hey let him have a chance with as many as he wants, but what do his kids think. Not to be insulting but what do they think about having two or three half siblings, I dont know much about him, besides hes my favorite rapper next to Slim!!! <3 <3
    Thanks and keep doin what you doin

  2. colette:) says:

    thats cute”)

  3. damm your a pimp but the best under the sun doesn’t fit you cause evan when its dark your still the best so maybee you should change that to something that fits you better

  4. jenny jizzim says:

    look u niqqer ass piece of shit u suck dick for crack mmmmkkkayy lmfao ur mumma desnt love u ur a waste of spirm cells hahahahah

  5. Katy perry says:

    4 fuckin kids with dif moms is retarded ur a vagina licking ass u need to stop rapping and take care of ur kids

  6. StopHatin says:

    Why is everyone hating on him, let him live his life. He loves his kids, so why does it matter if theyre with different people. Love doesnt always last if its not by blood, but im 100% positive that he loves each and every one of his children. So stop calling him a pimp, and a piece of shit, Hes a good rapper, and hes a good father too.

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