Lil Wayne – “Drop The World” Ft Eminem Music Video

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5 Responses to “Lil Wayne – “Drop The World” Ft Eminem Music Video”

  1. Laura Ene says:

    i love this son because i found in it…i live in Roumania.Vaslui and i ask your music everyday … even though my mother thinks you’re a retard and a junkie I believe in you and you are my idol in life

  2. Laura Ene says:


  3. i love this song because lil wayne is my heart and i love anything that he does and sometimes i just wanna throw something at somebdy too i understan the “Imma pick the world up imma drop it on youir fucking” lls

  4. sammy says:

    Lil wayne is freakn sexy!! I love this song and him!!!

  5. this song is the shit fer sher!!!

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