Lil Wayne Quotes

“Young tune, yeah that’s what my people call me
Fifty thousand for the cross, trying to keep the reaper off me
I drink a lot of syrup, bitches say I’m sleep walking
Big money for the grill, so I’m never cheap talking
Keep talking and the flame leap off the hip
And keep sparking, pap pap sleep softly”
‘Bonus (Georgia Bush ending)’ – Dedication 2 – Lil Wayne

“My block pumpin’ and I’m tryna keep that O pumpin’
If niggas snitchin’ then I let them niggas hold somethin’
If nigga owe somethin’ need a doctor’s note from em
… or his throat from em… These lil niggas,
Thinkin’ they fresh, get whipped out ya clothes youngin’
I got it all but I’ll beat ya like you stole somethin”
‘Get Em’ – Dedication 2 – Lil Wayne

“Niggas know I’m sick, I don’t spit, I vomit
Got it? One egg short of the omlett
Simon says shoot a nigga in his theigh and leg
And tell em catch up (ketchup) like may-onaise”
‘Cannon’ – Dedication 2 – Lil Wayne

“Fuck me, fuck you, what it is, what it do
I’ve been ready since 81 and I was born I 82″
‘Spitter’ – Dedication 2 – Lil Wayne

“Walkin’ that line with a lot on my mind
I get that money never droppin’ a dime, I don’t hate
Never nod on my time, I put that little red dot on your mind
Talkin that crime but a lot of em lyin’
I’m, caught on the grind, never get off my grind
I’ma pimp to these hoes, not a pimp in my mind”
‘Get Em’ – Dedication 2 – Lil Wayne

“Awaited on my turn to burn, can I get a light
Little dog, bigger bite, Jackson Five; little Mike ”
‘Sportscenter’ – Dedication 2 – Lil Wayne

“Aim squeeze, Wayne be on them back streets
Shotty on the back seat, fuck em if you ask me
They can look but them niggas can’t look past me
Pass the, weed to the next nigga, that’s me”
‘Welcome To The Concrete Jungle’ – Dedication 2 – Lil Wayne

“I’m saying broke niggas only make jokes nigga
I make more than I can fit In this quote nigga”
‘Where The Cash At’ – Dedication 2 – Lil Wayne

“Money money money get a dollar and a dick
Weezy Baby that crack, motherfucker get a fix
Got money out the ass, no homo but I’m rich
Bout to go get surgery and put some diamonds on my wrist”
‘Bonus (Georgia Bush ending)’ – Dedication 2 – Lil Wayne

“And me and your boyfriend not the same
I goes down like a stock exchange and then I bring it up ”
‘This Is What I Call Her’ – Dedication 2 – Lil Wayne

“Money on my mind, money, money on my mental
Super super soaker, wet a nigga like a swim suit
I think they sippin’ on that I can fuck with him juice
Test me if you want, bet man I knock a limb loose”
‘Get Em’ – Dedication 2 – Lil Wayne

“Weezy F. Baby, the mother fuckin Carter
Bitches on my stick but my name aint harry potter”
‘Workin Em’ – Dedication 2 – Lil Wayne

“Yeah, I’m from the hood, but my crib in the suburbs
They love a nigga VIBE, so thats why I got the cover ”
‘Workin Em’ – Dedication 2 – Lil Wayne

“Bitch, my shadow look good, I’m just feelin’ Weezy
Hop in my shit and say goodbye cause the ceiling’s leavin”
‘They Still Like Me’ – Dedication 2 – Lil Wayne

“And you ain’t gotta double dare me, hear me, loud and clearly
Rats aren’t near me, wiretap niggas get blood in they earpiece
I’m from New Orleans nowhere near peace
Pure beast, fear free, dear grief
Catch up bitch I’m in gear three
Zoom gone, see ya, peace, drop one finger”
‘Sportscenter’ – Dedication 2 – Lil Wayne

“That’s blood all over ya rova, blood all over ya chaufer
Blood all over ya loafers, if I get any closer
That’s blood all over my toaster, blood all over my holster
I’m in a S Dots, that’s blood all over my hova, fuck
I’m hustlin with a motive, my niggas need me
And a tiger in my pocket say ‘Feed Me,’ its greedy”
‘Spitter’ – Dedication 2 – Lil Wayne

“That’s what’s up, master suite, master me
And we be ‘ughin’ all night like Master P”
‘South Musik’ – Dedication 2 – Lil Wayne

“Miss. Butter peacan Caramel southernbell
She hotter then a summer day in hell ”
‘This Is What I Call Her’ – Dedication 2 – Lil Wayne

“Ok I called her on the late night, it was late right
I was on her ass like some break lights
But I aint stop for the red lights
We get it poppin till the blue and red lights come knockin”
‘This Is What I Call Her’ – Dedication 2 – Lil Wayne

“Pussy-ass niggas, fake fraud ass niggas
Tryna, save the pass; SIM card ass niggas”
‘Dedication 2′ – Dedication 2 – Lil Wayne

“But I’m back on defense, back in my zone
I eat rappers and go in my yard and bury they bones
My pockets on Raven Simone, that’s FAT
What you know bout that, huh?”
‘What You Know’ – Dedication 2 – Lil Wayne

“Nigga that steel on, red beam safety y’all
Murder scene tape it off, red rum, tomato sauce”
‘Hustlin’ – Dedication 2 – Lil Wayne

“I Give’r A Bottle Water Bitch Break Out Sweatin
Then She Get Straight To The Head Like A Fucking Excedrin”
‘Getting Some Head’ – Dedication 2 – Lil Wayne

“So I’m fuckin that, huggin that block like I’m lovin that
Never sell a crumb where my mother at, run with that
You can come at me for beef and shots come with that
Your bitch come at me for wood and I’m the lumberjack”
‘No Other’ – Dedication 2 – Lil Wayne

“And the women say damn, them niggas don’t say a damn thing
Boy I bet that shotty make you bounce like a bed-spring”
‘Bonus (Georgia Bush ending)’ – Dedication 2 – Lil Wayne