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Picture of Lil Wayne getting eyelids tattooed with 'Fear of God'

  • Lil Wayne Face Tattoos
    • “Fear of God” on his eyelids with a cross above the ‘of’ between his eyes
    • Saints which is the Fleur de Lis Symbol with “Orleans” above it
    • “Misunderstood” and 2 rows of stars with some of them being ultraviolet
    • “I Am Music” above his right eye
    • Cracks coming from his hairline at the top of his hairline and also on the sides of his chin as well as various other parts of his body
    • 3 tattoo tears, 2 under his right eye, 1 on the left side of his mouth, and 1 under his left eye which he covered up with a symbol because his mother said he had too many tattoo tears. He’s also admittedly said that he’s never killed anyone and that he got the tattoo tears simply because he wanted to see how it looked and once he saw it, he liked it.
    • “Tune” next to left ear which is short for Lil Tunechileoncious, a nickname his grandmother gave him as a child
    • A smileyface on the inside of bottom lip
  • Lil Wayne Neck Tattoos
    • “Lucky Me” under his left ear
    • “Soo Woo” under his left ear for his bloods
    • A flower placed right below “Lucky Me”
    • “W” and the name “Weezy” on the right side of his neck which represents his nickname.
    • A gun on the right side of his neck that covered up “I Am Pimp”
    • “Blessed” in the middle of his throat, but it was later covered up with “You”
    • “YM” which is the Young Money logo on the left side of his neck
  • Lil Wayne Hands Tattoos
    • “Steel” on the back of his left hand
    • “Concrete” on the back of his right hand
    • “Sqad Shit” on the backs of his fingers
    • “Hot” on one hand and “Boy” on the other hand which is a group that he was a member before going solo.
    • In each of his palms he has “A Gun” and “The World” so that he can always say he has them in his hands
    • “Trigger” on his finger
  • Lil Wayne Back Tattoos
    • A filled in sillouette of a plastic army man
    • An outline of Louisiana
    • A Skull
    • Prayer/Bible passages
      • “Give me the patience that I need
        To keep my piece of mind,
        And with life’s cares,
        I hope, Dear God,Some happiness to find.
        Give me the courage to face life`s trials
        and not to from troubles run.
        let me keep this thought in mind.Thy Will,” not “Mine,” be done.”
  • Lil Wayne Arms Tattoos
    • “Nae Nae” on each of his forearms which is his daughter, Reginae’s nickname
    • Right fore arm is his birthday and Birdman has same tattoo
    • The Rolls Royce symbol on his left bicep with “Thugged” running vertically next to it
    • A microphone on his left arm
    • Flames running up his arms
    • “Loyalty” & “I Be Power” on his right bicep
    • Numerous tattoo tears in a pattern similar to bandana across the both of his arms
    • An alien on his left arm
    • A marijuana leaf near the wrist of his left arm
    • “Lauren” on his right forearm to show his love for Lauren London that has a very long history that was later covered up with “Carter”
    • “Rabbit” on his right forearm in memory of his lost step-father, Reginald Carter
    • A star on his right forearm
    • The “ESPN” logo on the back of his left arm
    • Dice on his left shoulder
    • “Baby” and “Slim” on each of his shoulders
    • A matching tattoo of his birth date that Birdman also has in the same area on his arm
  • Lil Wayne Chest & Stomach Tattoos
    • A skull on the upper right side of his chest
    • “Bang Bang” the top of his chest in memory of his lost step-father who was shot to death
    • “Life’s A Gamble” on the upper left side of his chest
    • “Cash Money” on his stomach which is his record label
    • “17” on his abs which represents 17th ward of New Orleans
    • “MOB” which stands for Money Over Bitches
    • “Cause They Breed Envy” on a banner below “MOB”
    • “Damu” (Swaheli word meaning blood like) in red ink between the letters in “MOB” respresenting his Blood gang ties
    • “Piru” (first Blood set out of Los Angeles, CA) in red ink above a red skull that’s placed overtop “Cash Money” & “17”
    • “Apple & Eagle” representing the streets he grew up in New Olreans
    • “BM JR” standing for Birdman Junior
    • 5 Red Stars across the top of his chest
    • “RIP T.B.”
    • On each side of his ribs, he has stars just above wings