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Forbes Cash Kings 2011: Hip Hop’s Top Earners

Lil Wayne

Forbes recently announced their Cash Kings list for 2011 showing hip hop’s top 20 earners. Jay-Z comes in at #1 with $37 million, Diddy -$35 million & #3 Kanye West , $16 million not even making half of what Jay-Z made.

Taylor Swift Beats Lil’ Wayne’s “The Carter III” First-Week Sales

Taylor Swift

Lil Wayne has held the title as the only musician to sell more than a million copies in his first week since Tha Carter III hit shelves in 2008, but he’s forfeited his crown to Taylor Swift. The country-pop star’s newest album Speak Now debuted atop the Billboard 200 chart this week, selling a staggering […]

50 Cent Speaks To Lil Wayne, Speaks on Eminem & Rick Ross [Video]

Lil Wayne

Now the video below isn’t actually of 50 Cent talking to Lil Wayne but the radio station had someone sounding like Lil Wayne to hype up 50. The whole thing was lame to me because everyone was on 50’s dick!! But I really thought it was Weezy at first, kinda funny… what do you guys […]

Tony Yayo Talks About 50 Cent & Lil Wayne Beef [Video]

Lil Wayne

Tony Yayo Talks about his label Situatuation and the Beef between 50 and Weezy.

[Video] Tony Yayo Talks About The Beef With Lil Wayne & 50 Cent

Lil Wayne

In the video above, Tony Yayo talks to VladTV about the supposed beef between Lil Wayne and 50 Cent. He talks about when Soulja Boy brought 50 Cent out on the America’s Most Wanted Tour and Weezy’s (lack of) a reaction. Let me know what you think in the comments section.

[Video] 50 Cent Says Lil Wayne Lacks Life Experience

Lil Wayne

This isn’t the first time 50 has taken shots at Wayne. Check out this video where 50 Cent disses Lil Wayne, as usual. This time he’s promoting his new book, and he talks about how since Weezy F Baby has been on TV since the age of 14, he hasn’t had real life experiences to […]

[Video] Soulja Boy Brings Out 50 Cent @ America’s Most Wanted Tour

Lil Wayne

Check out tha video below and post your comments… I wonder what Lil Wayne thought about this? 50 Cent probably did it just to throw it in Young Money’s face..

[Video] Drake Interview on DJ Whoo Kid’s Radio Show

Lil Wayne

This interview is a couple weeks old but its a good interview for all you Drake fans so I’m posting both videos for everyone. DJ Whoo Kid pretty much jokes and mocks him the entire time but Drake brushed everything off and was cool about it.

50 Cent – “Funny How Time Flies” (CMB Diss) [Listen]

Lil Wayne

At around 1.57, 50 Cent says “Fuck C.M.B. issue with me”

[VIDEO] 50 Cent Says Lil Wayne’s Sales Don’t Mean Anything

Lil Wayne

In the video below 50 Cent says some stuff that I find really annoying. Specifically, he says that Lil Wayne selling over a million in a week doesn’t mean anything, and that fans are quick to forget his history; getting caught up in whoever is hot at the moment. “What you’re talking about is who […]

[VIDEO] 50 Cent Says Drake’s Single Is “Being Worked”

Lil Wayne

50 Cent speaks in a recent interview with XXLMag about the rising Young Money star Drake. He tries to compare Drake to himself, then explains that someone is working to put Drake’s song all over the radio. Check the video above below and let me know what you think in the comments. Personally I think […]

[VIDEO] 50 Cent Dissing Lil Wayne Again

Lil Wayne

Here goes 50 Cent again trying to get some more face time. He says “There’s people dressing up like the people they’re trying to attract, they’re dressing like skateboarders. They are acting like a rock artist when… you’re a fucking hip hop artist.”