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[Video] 50 Cent Says Lil Wayne Lacks Life Experience

Lil Wayne

This isn’t the first time 50 has taken shots at Wayne. Check out this video where 50 Cent disses Lil Wayne, as usual. This time he’s promoting his new book, and he talks about how since Weezy F Baby has been on TV since the age of 14, he hasn’t had real life experiences to […]

[VIDEO] 50 Cent Says Lil Wayne’s Sales Don’t Mean Anything

Lil Wayne

In the video below 50 Cent says some stuff that I find really annoying. Specifically, he says that Lil Wayne selling over a million in a week doesn’t mean anything, and that fans are quick to forget his history; getting caught up in whoever is hot at the moment. “What you’re talking about is who […]

[VIDEO] 50 Cent Dissing Lil Wayne Again

Lil Wayne

Here goes 50 Cent again trying to get some more face time. He says “There’s people dressing up like the people they’re trying to attract, they’re dressing like skateboarders. They are acting like a rock artist when… you’re a fucking hip hop artist.”

Gillie Da Kid Has Beef With Lil Wayne [Video]

Gillie Beef With Lil Wayne

Here is “Gillie Da Kid” a.K.a. 80 Karat Kid a.K.a. King of Philly. Here is Gillie Da Kid, who is definitely a real person, but Wayne is making money. Looking back at this dis, it didn’t seem to affect Wayne much, but built up some hype for Gillie. I like Gillie Da Kid and think […]

Cassidy Addresses Claims Of Dissing 50, Lil Wayne, & TI


Gearing up for the release of his third LP, B.A.R.S. (The Barry Adrien Reese Story), Philadelphia rapper Cassidy has been hard at work as of late. After taking time off due to a near fatal car accident, Cass has returned to the industry with a vengeance dropping numerous mixtapes and freestyles—some of which are speculated […]

Young Buck Calls Truce With Lil Wayne, Squares Off Against Game

Young Buck Lil Wayne

Young Buck has been in L.A., not just working with Dr. Dre on his new album Buck the World, due March 20, but also studying under the tutelage of an acting coach. Buck plans to make a movie about his life soon, and he’s hoping that somewhere in the plotline will be a scene where […]

Gillie Da Kid & Lil Wayne Got Beef?

Gillie Beef With Lil Wayne

After taking three calls about it, 
Gillie Da Kid could no longer ignore the rumors. He picked up Lil Wayne’s new mixtape Like Father Like Son and gave “Problem Solver” a spin. “Gillie man I don’t think you niggas should really fuck with me … ” So it was true: Lil Wayne—Gillie’s longtime friend and […]

Lil Wayne – “Problem Solver” (Gillie Da Kid Diss) [Listen]

Gillie Beef With Lil Wayne