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Gillie Da Kid Has Beef With Lil Wayne [Video]

Gillie Beef With Lil Wayne

Here is “Gillie Da Kid” a.K.a. 80 Karat Kid a.K.a. King of Philly. Here is Gillie Da Kid, who is definitely a real person, but Wayne is making money. Looking back at this dis, it didn’t seem to affect Wayne much, but built up some hype for Gillie. I like Gillie Da Kid and think […]

Gillie Da Kid & Lil Wayne Got Beef?

Gillie Beef With Lil Wayne

After taking three calls about it, 
Gillie Da Kid could no longer ignore the rumors. He picked up Lil Wayne’s new mixtape Like Father Like Son and gave “Problem Solver” a spin. “Gillie man I don’t think you niggas should really fuck with me … ” So it was true: Lil Wayne—Gillie’s longtime friend and […]