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Lil’ Wayne Ft. Shanell – “Ground Zero”


Lil Wayne and Shanell link up for this unreleased video for “Ground Zero,” a cut off of Weezy’s album Rebirth. Though the Young Money leader couldn’t participate in the filming of the clip, the video features footage of him performing during an arena show, with an alternate storyline showing Shanell waking up, cruising around town […]

Lil Wayne’s Rebirth Album Not Pushed Back

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne’s Rebirth has seen constant delays over the past year, but for once, the album is not being pushed back. Contrary to reports that it had been moved to June, the rapper’s oft-delayed foray into rock is still scheduled for release on February 2, Universal Motown confirms to Exactly one week later on […]

Lil Wayne – “On Fire” Official Music Video

Lil Wayne

Here’s the new Music Video, “On Fire” which is Lil Wayne‘s second single off of Rebirth. I wonder if it’s going to be on the new Rebirth, or if the new Rebirth is going to have a completely new track list. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Lil Wayne’s “Rebirth” Delayed Until June

Lil Wayne

Rebirth by Lil Wayne is due out June 22nd, 2010. Lil Wayne’s generally delayed album Rebirth has yet another release date, according to Wal-Mart’s website. Rebirth’s release date has been pushed back a minimum of six times over the past two years, with the last reported date being February 1. Lil Wayne fans who hoped […]

“Drop The World” Now On Itunes

Lil Wayne

I am sure many of you already have this song, but make sure to go get the official version from Itunes. We need to be supporting music now a days, more than we ever have before. Currently the track is ranked number 22 on the Itunes chart and we need to get it number 1. […]

Rebirth & Young Money Album Pushed Back Again?

Lil Wayne

Well this should not be surprising anyone. It looks like we may not get Christmas as early as we thought. According to Birdman the new Young Money album We Are Young Money and Lil Wayne’s Rebirth album have been pushed back to December 22. Check out what Birdman tweeted down below.

Lil Wayne – “Rebirth” [Retail]-2010 LEAKED!!

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne‘s Rebirth leaked sometime yesterday due to Amazon shipping out the album two months early because they were not aware of the release date being pushed to February. Enjoy & go support Weezy by coppin it when its officially released in February. Let us know what you guys think in the comments section. Download: […]

The Producer Behind Lil Wayne’s New Collaboration With Eminem

Lil Wayne

Chase N Cashe Check out this interview VIBE did with the producer of Lil Wayne’s “Drop The World“. This is by far one the best interviews I have read in a long time. Meet the producer behind Lil Wayne’s new dream collabo with Eminem. Just four years ago, Jesse “Chase N. Cashe” Woodard was a […]

Lil Wayne Feat Eminem – “Drop The World” [Rebirth]

Lil Wayne

Eminem and Lil Wayne certainly don’t drop the ball on this track. The track “Drop The World” is off Lil Wayne’s upcoming album Rebirth due out in February 2010. Production on the track is from ChaseNCashe and HitBoy. You can download the song in the link below and make sure to let us know your […]

Amazon Ships Out Rebirth Album Too Early

Lil Wayne

Amazon has definitely dropped the ball big time by shipping out copies of Lil Wayne’s highly anticipated Rebirth album. Amazon apparently shipped out the Rebirth album to a number of fans months before it was ever supposed to be released. I can only assume that this happened because of all the push-backs and confusion regarding […]

Lil Wayne’s Rebirth Album Pushed Back To 2010

Lil Wayne

No surprise here, Lil Wayne’s Rebirth album has been pushed back yet again. According to Cash Money CEO and rapper Birdman the highly anticipated rock album will be coming February 2010. Maybe this means they want to spend more time pushing a single or working on the rumored tour. Birdman also tweeted that he was […]

Lil Wayne – “Da Da Da” [Rebirth]

Lil Wayne

Here is another rock song from Lil Wayne. This is called Da Da Da and it will be on his upcoming Rebirth rock album, possibly as another single. This song has a great beat produced by Cool and Dre, and great vocals and rapping from Weezy F Baby. You can listen to the song below, […]