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Lil Wayne’s Rebirth Tracklisting

Lil Wayne

After many setbacks and delays we finally have the official tracklisting for Lil Wayne’s Rebirth album which hits stores December 21 alongside the debut album We Are Young Money. The tracklisting features 12 songs from Lil Wayne. 1. American Star Ft Shanell 2. Prom Queen Ft Shanell 3. Ground Zero 4. Da Da Da 5. […]

Young Money – “We Are Young Money” [Tracklist]

Lil Wayne

Young Money – “We Are Young Money” Dropping December 15, go cop that ish! 1. “Bedrock” (feat. Lloyd) 2. “New Shit” 3. “Pass Me the Dutch” 4. “Wifebeater” 5. “Fuck the Bullshit” (feat. Birdman) 6. “Ms. Parker” 7. “Target” 8. “Sacrifice” 9. “Every Girl” 10. “She Is Gone” (feat. Pleasure P) 11. “Girl I Got […]