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Young Buck Ft Lil Wayne – “Ups And Downs”

Lil Wayne

The Game ft Lil Wayne – “My Life” Music Video

Lil Wayne

The video which was filmed on July 23, 2008, was directed by Bryan Barber, and premiered on FNMTV on August 15, 2008. The setting takes place mostly within a graveyard and other areas in and around Compton and features Lil Wayne, with appearances by Birdman, Cool & Dre, and Young Buck, with references to the […]

Young Buck Calls Truce With Lil Wayne, Squares Off Against Game

Young Buck Lil Wayne

Young Buck has been in L.A., not just working with Dr. Dre on his new album Buck the World, due March 20, but also studying under the tutelage of an acting coach. Buck plans to make a movie about his life soon, and he’s hoping that somewhere in the plotline will be a scene where […]